About me…

Hi!  I’m Kelly!  A mom to two adult kids whom I am wonderfully proud of! It’s been an adjustment going from trying to juggle being a single mom, working long hours, taking certification classes, constantly struggling to balance the budget, and dealing with normal household chores to an empty nester working on building my own business!  Creating my own life. Truly enjoying this roller-coaster of a ride called life!

Just a few years ago I was a very different person, one who would never have had the courage to do the things I’m doing now.  School?  A Career?  Living on my own?  No way!  I would never have thought my world could include more than being a ‘stay at home’ wife and mother.   Don’t get me wrong; I loved being able to chauffeur my kids to school, be a Room Mom, Soccer Team manager and Girl Scout leader.  I truly fit the description of the typical ‘Soccer Mom’.  But as the kids got older and needed me less, I started to feel like something was missing.  My identity seemed to be tied up into being Tyler or Tiffany’s mom, and I really didn’t know much about me!    I’d married very young, and as my husband & I matured, it appeared we wanted very different things.  I wanted to continue my education, get a job and get involved in community causes that were important to me.  He preferred a wife who was more focused on just his needs, dependent on him for my happiness, controlled.  So as the story goes, we parted ways.  With no income, and my self-esteem shattered, the kids and I moved in with my parents while I tried to sort out where my life was going from there.  I can tell you now; the process was far from easy.  But looking back, I don’t regret a thing that I had to go through to get to where I am today.

Fast forward 6 years.  Through many bumps in the road, detours and a couple of dead ends, I had finally found myself on the right path to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Believe me, it hasn’t been easy!  By eliminating some of the ‘toxic’ things in my life, including bad eating habits, activities and even some people, I’d become more self-confident and focused. Through exercise, better nutrition and surrounding myself with positive people, I’d become a much healthier and happier person.  I developed the confidence I needed to try new things, learned to focus on my needs and what matters most to me, and take the many small steps necessary to achieve my personal goals. Life was good.  I felt recharged.

2 short years later we find ourselves in the present day, kids all grown up and independent, and once again my “family role” has changed.  I’m an empty nester. But this time I’m not letting that change get me down.  I’m ready to embrace life. Chase after my passions. Create the life I dreamed of when I was a teenager, before society got too loud telling me what I “should” do and what my life “should” look like.

Are you experiencing any of these same challenges in your life?  If so, I invite you to travel along with me in making the changes needed to get yourself healthy, both mentally and physically, so you can be the person you truly want to be.  The person you were meant to be!  Since I’ve decided to become a personal trainer, nutrition specialist and mindset coach, I’ve seen the huge difference living a physically, mentally, emotionally and nutritionally balanced life can make.  And no, I didn’t totally overhaul my life!  I just made one small change after another, accomplished one small goal that took me further towards my long-term goals, and started listening to what my body, mind & heart were telling me all along.

Follow along on this journey with me, you’ll never know where the road may lead you if you don’t give change a chance!